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1. Reservation Road Park - Boston

· 80 reviews

151 Reservation Rd, Boston, MA 02136, United States

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Reservation Road Park: what do users think?
Luis Cardenas: Fácil de llegar aunque parece retirado del centro , es realmente fácil el acceso ,Restrooms: Eran portátiles pero estaban en buen estado y adecuados
Michael Benion: Excellent park....
CherRiotAct CcherTvZadeh: Fun
עמית סלומון: משטח החלקה מעולה.
Teai Tv: Nice place pretty busy in the day time
valentina becchia: Very fun skatepark
Cathy Loy: Nice, mixed use park. Clean.Picnic area: Clean, sturdy tables.
Drew Linds: Nice smooth new park. Nice upgrade from the prior park. Decent size parking lot of you drive or if you can take the bus to get there. Good times
Peter Cardin: This place is great been coming here for years hope its stays around.... has alot of everything here quarter's rails stairs bowl to spine street banks hips and hops ... good people lots of fun.... all shredders welcome.... have fun be safe...👍
H Silva: Was here for a youth football game on a Sunday, not much parking but the field was nice. No score board though
Joaquin L: Awesome park
Joseph Oliver: Come to grill & make some bread!!! You skate boarders ready to eat!!!!
Josh Alt: Great local park, newly renovated. A lot of parking spaces and secluded picnic tables. New skating rink if you are into that kind of thing ( I am too old for that ) . Awesome artificial Turf multipurpose field and bleachers. Temporary portable potties on site.
Ivonne Mojica: Good place for kids
Allison capobianco: Patrons (typically the turf field)of this park do not have restrooms or sufficient parking, therefore they use our private parking lot and grounds for parking, a garbage dump and public restrooms/baby changing stations. It’s really lovely to come to work on Monday morning to pick up people’s trash, dirty diapers and have to wash their “waste” off the parking lot.
Danny C. (Reviewer Super Star): Went on Father’s Day. My son and I had an awesome time. Not packed at all. One of the better skaters even took time to teach my son how to better ride his skateboard.
Hollywood Haze: Absolutely amazing place to skate, learn to skate, or just watch. It's actually one of the only skate parks in the city. You can even bring your family. Definitely a 2 thumbs up!!!!!
Jlm Jlm: Kids love it here
Ngalah Gwet: Very quier and safe place to be
Sarah Garofalo: Skatepark looks amazing!! Has features for skaters of all experience levels. Spacious, has lights and plenty of benches for spectators/parents
Margo: Fun playground for the kids..picnic tables to have lunch..plenty of parking on the street..Fun place!

2. Boston Children's Hospital - Boston



· 734 reviews

300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115

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Boston Children's Hospital: what do users think?
Robyn Andreoli: Very sad this place has become. Second time bringing my niece here and they have yet to diagnose her correctly
Jason: Very professional
Alexander Frank: Sick freaks. Leave our children alone
Clayton Watson: I couldn’t be more pleased with this hospital. The level of care the staff give to these kids is amazing. They go above and beyond to make kids feel comfortable and safe.
freddy contreras: Muchas atenciones e higiene
Moe Melanson: This is a useless hospital, the say one this and do nothing at all. They neglect there patients health and well being. Over many years there care went downhill and there bedside manner is beyond a disgrace.
Leonard Morneau: This organization will cripple you financially. A simple 30 min. doctor visit and MRI cost nearly $2000 AFTER insurance. BEWARE and ask what the cost of care will be before any services are rendered. Otherwise, prepare to be crippled financially.
Patricia Nuñez: The doctors and the staff are really professional and friendly, best children's hospital in the US.
Taralisse Santiago: Es un hospital que siempre busca alternativas para ayudar.
Cristin Blackwell: I’m from nc I had to fly my son to Bostons Children Hospital for heart surgery in October, December 30th 21 my son passed away never made it off the 8th floor ! I will never be okay and I will never recommend another family to this hospital! I begged for them send us closer to home month before he passed… I beat myself up everyday if I wouldn’t have taken him there he would still be here !!! I love you MJ 😔🕊🕊
ROGERQUICK: The doctor is very money hungry but doesn't care about the patient. If you care about your kids, don't send them to this hospital.
Alex F: My infant was seen in the emergency room for a surgical issue that fortunately ended up not being emergent. The ER staff were very friendly, but there was very little communication and long periods of time without hearing from any providers. The surgery resident who saw us was very dismissive and spoke in half truths to influence our decision making. I say this because I myself am a physician and have worked in this hospital system and knew when she was at times flat out lying about how we "would wait 5 days for surgery if we chose to get admitted." The attending surgeon didn't bother to come see us or examine our child, but said we could forgo the clinic visit and get directly booked for surgery. We left without any follow up information or instructions and without even the name of the surgeon. It took 10 days for his office to contact us to schedule surgery for a problem that most surgeons choose to fix within 2 weeks of the diagnosis. Meanwhile, our pediatrician got us a next day appointment at another very reputable academic hospital, and we were immediately scheduled for surgery within the week. We do not intend to return to BCH for care.
DayByeDayChristine “Christine”: They were great at performing her surgery, I will say that!! The doctors were amazing!! It was the nurses and staff I had HUGE ISSUES WITH!! She was there for about a month. One time I had an appointment and I couldn't be at the hospital that day. Upon returning, I noticed my then 4 month old had not been moved out of her bed or picked up the whole time I was gone which was close to 12 hrs!!!! I took pictures of how I found her upon returning and still have them. I called the right authorities and it never happened again!! Make sure to advocate for your child, especially if theu don't have a voice and you see something wrong!!! Don't be afraid because it's a hospital! It was horrible for her to have to go through and this was in 2018!!! I would still recommend them for any serious surgeries for your children, but no so much for very young children. If I had to do it again I'm not sure I would go to the same place for her gastronomy tube surgery. Expect to basically spend thousands on hotels and parking. It's extremely expensive, but it was worth knowing they had done tons of g tube surgeries! May you and your child(ren) be okay!!
Dashawn connelly: I arrived to the emergency room at 8p.m with my daughter that had a broken leg. Waiting to be seen took an hour after registering. Just to go back and forth to the waiting room. When we were seen by orthopedics, the woman was ruff with my child, I had to ask if she need help to put the boot on because she took so long seem like she didn't know how to put it on and was gettin flustered. Rude and not patient after we were sitting there for 5 hours did not leave till 30a.m . This place does not know what an emergency is
Kevin Mcgrady: Never want to have to come back here again. The staff was unaccomodating for my baby who needs both his parents yet 1 of us was forced to leave. They don't check up on him enough and their coordination and communication between each other was by far some of the worst I have seen. They basically charge you for everything a la carte if you are not a direct patient.
Rita Yeboah: They give my son second chance when he was facing medical complications that has no easy answers, the best children hospital ever, me and my family are so proud of them, Dr's, nurses, etc keep it up the good work 👏 🙌 👍.
Dan Broggi: Best hospital ever, the nurses, surgeons, doctors and all staff are amazing! The care is wonderful and thank you Dr DelNido!
Maria Griffin: 8 east (cardiology) is the best floor to be on. The nurses are SO nice and I miss them so much! The child life specialists are amazing too and doctors!
Vanessa Yo: I was there a few years ago to donate blood. The blood donation center is playing with the lines of HIPPA. This hospital does not inform your options clearly, but wants every single piece of your private information including SSN. From the office staffs to staffs at the entrance, every single one was extremely rude.
Yasmin Capeles: Been there 2monta amazing nurses doc surgeons ect am just so grateful to have gave birth there and my baby is in there care I love it.
Kat Lennon: A family member went to this hospital and one of the male nurses or doctor obviously has sort of grudge toward poc. He has a slavic name. He came in the room with an attitude, he made remarks to my family member and my family members guardian about jabbing my family member with a needle, who is a child btw, after being disrespectful toward my family members guardian. My family member and guardian are struggling to find ways to get back on track with health issues and all that man did was criticize and demean them the ENTIRE time.

3. Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston

· 576 reviews

55 Fruit St, Boston, MA 02114, United States

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Massachusetts General Hospital: what do users think?
Richard Rivera: Worst Hospital Ever Specially the Emergency Dept. Bad service Very Rude Nurses. Doing nothing but texting. My Dad had a Spinal fusion done there last week, & since he’s bin in bad pain, EMTs has taken him there four time for the pain & all they do is leave him in a stretcher all night in the Hallway with Pain and no one to help him get up or walk to the Restroom cause he can’t assist himself due to the surgery. Nurse my Mother asked one of the nurses if my dad could eat & she replied no he’s not in a restaurant. MGH supposed to be number 1..please NEVER!! Something needs to be done about the ER Department & their Staff ATTITUDE WISE. You’re supposed to treat patients Kindly & with Respect!! DONT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL.j
Ronald Couming: Mass General Hospital refused to let me see my father. Changed policy today, from 1 Vistor at a time,, to 1 a day. No notice. Not happy. Diagnosed Stomach cancer 2 days ago, after being here 10 days or so. I was literally 40 feet from his room, 7th floor, and they told me to beat it. With a smile and i am sorry. They could have given me 5 minutes, SMH. PS my sister works here, and has for 25 years.
isloveinme God: The worst hospital my son almost die because of negligence. They work there only for the money. The ER waiting is crazy🙄don't go there please
Tracy Donahue: Deplorable, we waited as the doctor ran an hour and a half late. We were not even notified, we were just expected to wait. I called to try and reschedule, I was told I could not get another appointment for three months. I could not wait in the waiting area with my husband as it was only for patients. This was not due to Covid it was because they were doing construction. My concern was that my husband is diabetic and he could not eat or drink and no one even checked on him as he waited. The girl at the desk told me I had to leave when I went in to check on him, because I could see on my phone his blood sugar was off. Waiting in the hallway all I heard from other staff members is how overbooked and short staffed they were. This was once a world class hospital. I have never been so disappointed as I have been today. People think coming to Boston you get better care. A hospital is only the building, the care is the doctors and people that care for patients. The patient care today has been more than disappointing.
jerry ferullo: My sister had procedure done their and I had to pick her up, the doctor called and said be their in two hours after battling the boston traffic i arrived 15 minutes early and was told to wait at the entrance for 30 minutes and they will call me to come up but after a hour i had the front desk call upstairs and they told her it would be another hour. So i decide to go to the calf for something to eat and waited in line to watch if your a employee of mass general you get to skip the line and order and talk to the people working there so i just said they aren't going to get my money and left bad enough i have to pay more and more for parking.
scotti mac: This place is the worst for scheduling and keeping appointment times.My experience relates to OBGYN services and Ultrasound. My wife and I can’t believe how behind they are always and the wait times. One of our experiences was an ultrasound then then Dr appt hours later.
Marie Doucette: I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I am leaving MGH ER in Boston at 5:35 am after spending over10 hours sitting in the waiting room. There were patients in beds in the halls lined up like sardines. The nurses are drawing blood and putting in IV lines in the crowded halls and waiting rooms. This has to be a health code violation for sure. I was told by the ER doctor that I was being admitted to see a specialist in the morning but hours and hours later, I’m still in the waiting room. I asked to speak to the doctor and 2 hours later a different doctor arrived and said he decided not to admit me and to just wait in the waiting room to see the specialist when he got in, He had no idea why I was even there, he never asked. After being awake for 24 hours, I was not only exhausted, I felt so much worse than when I got there to begin with. That was an absolute waste in so many ways. I will never go back!
Lokranjan Majhi: Great hospital.
Tom Zhao: Gooooooood
John Mckinnon: Outstanding nurses, I don't know how they manage to perform their assignments under such circumstances . Thank you for all you do!!
Djamine Illa Nary: The level of patience that the staff displays is extraordinary. This place is always overcrowded yet the staff takes care of everyone without flinching.
E James: This hospital is not what it used to be, have to wait 4 months for surgery for a burst disk, have now been told that the wait will cause me to never be able to use my legs again. Lol.... Go to Tufts!
James Mill: Have spent several days at MGH supporting a sibling. It has been a tumultuous time, and I witnessed firsthand the extraordinary challenges that the staff faces in the Emergency Department. I want to call out two employees, in particular, Dr. Chait and a nurse named Alan from the ER, who showed tremendous grace under pressure and empathy, which ultimately helped sustain us through a tough time. Thank you, and I hope someone reading this will pass along the kudos to these two individuals.
Matthew St. Germain: Worst patient experience for Lyme Care. Worst Referral process. Worst Patient care in New England. Do not bother to contact them for any Lyme related services, they do not accept referrals. They will not tell you until you have submitted your request 3 or more times without response. The gate keepers will be condescending and tell you it was not received (although you can clearly access your referrals on the portal). Then you will receive a fax back telling you that you've just wasted 3 months of your time trying to get care because they do not accept referrals from "outside". Avoid them for your own personal health.
Gisa Diniz: Oiltimo
Eileen Brown: i came to mass general for serious GI issues from northern new hampshire. i came there as i always heard that mass general was the number one hospital and world class care. i found a doctor whom i thought was really good. so good i thought i waited over four months to see him. the visit was fine i thought. it only got bad when i spoke up for myself concerning my very low and elevated labwork. Dr. Botoman said everything fine, everything mild, normal when i knew it wasnt. when i couldn't get a response over my elevated blood level he sent me a message at 8:30 pm. very angerly. stating and i quote " You need to forget the labs and your focus needs to be on your weight and mental health. when i was there with him he disregarded previous hospitals report. saying " they dont even sound sure and he could even have my condition the previous hospital suspected, and he was more concerned with my throat than my stomach. my endoscope he said was just routine, no cause for concern. i was suppose to wait 5 1/2 months as it was "no big deal". I finally said enough. and mind you this wasnt the only horror experience i had at mass general. i went elsewhere and come to find out, previous hospital was correct. told i had atrophic gastritis and pernicous anemia. look it up if you dont know just how serious they are. Dr. Botoman literally played with a very serious health condition. i guarentee a medical complaint will be in the works from me for this. Dr. Botoman and mass general are the worst excuse for a doctor and hospital i have experienced. this borders on medical neglect. plain and simple.
David Weissman: Terri of MGH downtown in Boston is absolutely wonderful! She is extremely empathetic, Kind, professional, caring with an amazing bed side manner.
James Cali: Good luck getting an appointment. You are lucky if they answer your call.
Marcella Gomes: This is the worst hospital I've ever been to in my life. I waited for more than 5 hours, no doctor attended to me, I felt a lot of pain after having an accident, they left me in a room waiting for hours and the doctor did not come. then they want to charge an expensive amount for this health garbage. worst service, inhuman, lack of respect for people.
Jeff Trott: I was getting worried reading the horrible reviews while my Mom and I were waiting for my Dad to have his lung biopsy. Most of them seem to be about the emergent care, and ours was all scheduled stuff. Our whole day was seamless. Prompt check in at 6:30, imaging department was helpful and called my Mom throughout the day with updates. Every time they gave us was correct down to the minute. Dad’s biopsy went as well as it could have and they made sure he was well before discharge. If anyone is here that wrote the one star reviews, I hope everything got better for you. I felt anxious reading them and can’t imagine having to live through some of those stories.
Gilberto Otero: Only issue is always the parking. Otherwise great hospital with top notch staff . We travel from Western Mass because of it.

4. Mass General Brigham Urgent Care - Boston Common - Boston

· 145 reviews

137 Stuart St Suite A7, Boston, MA 02116

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Mass General Brigham Urgent Care - Boston Common: what do users think?
Kristen Elliott: 1 start for the front desk lady who let me wait inside for the 5 minutes before it opened. And 1 star for the nice nurse. Other than that, the doctor quite literally checked me for 25 seconds total & ask she was speaking to me was opening the door trying to leave as I was asking questions as well. That was a wild experience. Never been treated like that in an urgent care or anywhere with medical professionals.
Warrain Rocklanon: The receptionist Ms. Anderson was so rude and no sense of costumer care. She should not be in the front if she doesnt like her job. As a front of the house, she should be bringning light to this ill patient client but instead she’s making their feelings worst, making it difficult to be admitted. The nurses are friendly and attentive it’s just sad that the impressions i have with Ms Anderson pulled the entire team down.I forgot my match latte in the lobby table, I was already in the room with nurse. Ms. Anderson knocked the door, interrupted our conversation and wanted me to throw the my cup in the trash which she can even do the that as part of her side job. The lobby is not big enough for her to walk ghat long, it was not even busy no other patient in the lobby or she could have wait until my check up done.She also told me that she can’t look up my insurance, that I need to my provide my insurance card to be admitted even if i already gave her the basic info such as complete name, ssn and the insurance co. Again, as a receptionist have a compassion for others, talk nicely and a little of costumer care.
Rich M.: Asking the question of “Do you know how long the wait will be?” Is enough to have the person at the front desk to talk to you like a child.
dima k: Massive waits times, no place to sit down, no way to even wait in the car and they don’t even tell you an estimate of how long it would take to be seen
Ara Bilazarian: Rude front desk workers. Over 2 hour wait with flu symptoms. “We don’t share wait times”. Someone wanted to go get a coffee who has been here 3 hours and they told her if she’s not here when she gets called they will just take her off the list. I don’t understand why this process can’t be smoother for the unwell.Be nice.Have a water machine.Be nice to your patients.Let us know our wait times.Maybe turn your tv on.Maybe have tissue boxes that aren’t empty cardboard for us who are sick and have to blow our noses after 2 hours.Never coming back here.
Caden Ahmad: Be prepared to wait literal hours, no matter what your problem is, they will take their time.
Caitie Coakley: Horrible experience here. Girl came out to front desk where I looked obviously ill and she was stuffing her face with lo mein and told me they were too busy to take me. 2 girls walked in after me and they got taken right away.
Marina Gonzalez: They had me waiting for over an hour because they “had a miscommunications issue.” Basically forgot to do the test I came here to do.
Nicole Somerstein: I have gone to this urgent care A LOT since moving to the area and have generally had very good experiences every time I've gone, especially the past few times! The wait times can get very, very long during the middle of the day and after work hours (4pm onwards). I highly recommend going right when they open if you can. I walked in the door right around 9am the last two visits and was seen within 10 minutes. The providers are very knowledgable and I've never felt like they're rushing to get me out, even when I've gone during busier times. Everyone's very nice as well. I'm glad to have them nearby!
alkin: Very bad… seriously Boston? Your urgent care situation is a disgrace !
Joseph Fraser: I called twice yesterday on behalf of my girlfriend for her eating disorder. I needed lab work done for her in order to get her treatment at a partial hospilization program. Both times i called yesterday the front desk said they do lab work, and that it would be fine. However, today when i entered the clinic, i was told by the front desk that they normally do not do lab work, unless its a physical, and that its urgent car for people who have urgent matters. My girlfriends eating disorder has gotten to the point where you can see her ribs and spine. She is slowly dying. I think thats pretty urgent, but yet we were told by the front desk that searching google would be our best bet. People, please do not waste your time with this place. The people clearly need to be re-trained.
Cody McCarty: Edit: no one reached out. Don’t let this PR reply to my review fool you.Closed their doors at 8:30 when their hours say til 9. Wife was very sick and the staff was extremely rude to her when she asked through the door for assistance. Reporting to the BBB. If you have a choice, please give your money to a better company.
Jean-Baptiste Bouquet: Arrived slightly past 8:10pm, waited by myself in an empty waiting room with nobody at the front desk. Finally, someone arrived at 8:31pm to tell me they are not accepting anyone today because it was past 8:30pm...
Kim Nguyen: They never answered the phone
Martha Guerrero: The longest waiting time. They told me you have to wait 2 hours and right know i have 4 hours and still waiting.
Lynn Julian: The guy at the front desk was super friendly, patient and upfront about their very long wait time. It was only 11:00AM, on Thursday, and they also had a 2 HOUR WAIT… and that was just to see the nurse. It really bothered me that they did NOT require patients, in the waiting room, to put on a new mask. One of them had a bad cough. Strangely, the nurse took my information from a separate room, via my phone… due to their Covid protocols?this urgent care frustrated my already sick body because nobody seemed to write anything I said down. This forced me to repeat a month-long history of my medical visits, for too many symptoms, all my medications that I received for them and all my NEW symptoms... Half a dozen times! When I did see a doctor, she was patient, a good listener, and very empathetic. I might recommend her...but all she prescribed me was an antihistamine nasal spray. My symptoms are debilitating, and definitely need more treatment then nasal spray, but she said she did NOT know what else to do for me. She claimed she wanted to prescribe me antibiotics, but she feared the side effects would make my current symptoms even worse.WORST PART: I showed the doctor two red bite marks, on my right forearm, and assured her I had a picture of the bites, when they first happened, and they were red circles. I requested a basic LYME DISEASE blood test. She REFUSED detest me, for Lyme disease and tick borne illness, because she said, “your symptoms don’t relate to that.” My symptoms are classic for Lyme disease: headache; diarrhea; nausea; fatigue; etc. this type of medical ignorance is extremely dangerous. If ANY of the 300+ kinds of tickborne illness, of which we only test for one kind of Lyme Disease, is not diagnosed and treated early, it can become chronic for LIFE.THE DEAL: In future, I would only go here in an emergency... only if I can’t go to the ER!
Mr. Maurice Evans Jones: No privacy when registrating in for care. Very inconvenient with people next to you coughing continuously. We are in a world of epidemic and there no protection from exposure to viruses. I rather be sick then go back here.
Bruno Fonseca: This location was great when our little one fell ill. We are from out of state, the whole visit took an hour. They were efficient, location is clean, the people are nice. It was an overall pleasant experience. Would come here again...
Diego Sanchez: Bad service, extremely long waiting time, and more importantly: they have no resources to treat you properly. Wasted of money.
J N: Went in. They failed to diagnose the problem and instead just have given me prescriptions for a ton of different drugs.Such a joke. Long wait too so expect a few hour wait.
Sean O'Connor: I would rather die of the common cold than visit this urgent care again. 4 hours of waiting in both the waiting area and exam room, just to have my nose swabbed for 3 seconds to do a COVID test (which was all I wanted). Not my first time coming here and it’s the same random excuses about a “situation with a patient that can’t be discussed and is requiring all the staff’s attention.”I tried to leave after my swab and they blackmailed me into sitting in the exam room, saying they can’t/won’t run my swab test until a provider evaluates me. Which is confusing because how is the provider evaluating me if they haven’t run my test?All-around a horrendously inefficient operation being run at this clinic.

5. Brigham and Women's Hospital - Boston

· 423 reviews

75 Francis St, Boston, MA 02115, United States

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Brigham and Women's Hospital: what do users think?
Mark Smith: I would NEVER recommend this hospital to Anyone Ever. They are the most corrupt hospital . They falsified my medical records to protect one of their surgeons who puncture my colon during a routine procedure. If you decide to go to this hospital, I recommend that you review every medical record after every visit to check for its accuracy.
pujala pavankumar: I'm rating it 5 because of news that a doctor operated unborn baby child.
Emily Hines: They saved my life and were very nice too! Very good hospital (:
Jatnna Medina: Wasn’t a visit rather necessary. The hospital is very much updated & felt very much well attended on this date.
Luc Louis: I love that place.
Chaz Birdie: Have another hole now they refuse to close it up which is the reason. This happened from the previous hole I'm gonna close it up myself
diana rivera: This has been first experience with this hospital and hope it be the last there was negligence with my niece that’s mentally challenge the supervision and attention wasn’t there .
Jim Farley: The doctors, nurses, and staff at BWH are top notch! The level of communication at this hospital (telephone, texts, VM) is archaic!
Alaina King: The best - the doctors, nurses and staff are all professional and extremely helpful. Recent procedure there went great, we are so fortunate to have some of the best medical professionals in the world!
Pearl: Dr Chen and Mei are two of the best health care providers and professionals anywhere. My recent knee replacement from start to finish was well handled & professional. B & K
Timothy Rogers: Other than walking around trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go, it went great!
Blind Owl: I was a patient on for a little over a week. The nursing staff on 8b was fantastic! Special thanks to Mara and Emily. You two saw me through some especially tough times. I loved telling dad jokes, thanks for laughing at them.The food was above and beyond normal hospital food.
Gb O: The info desk people are some of the most inept, rude people I've ever met. I can't imagine what patients go through in the hospital. I was given the wrong directions to get to the vascular lab 3 times by 3 different people. Imagine having an emergency and you get told to go to the wrong place?
tiffany carr: If I could give this place, zero stars, I would I don't even know where to begin first I had to wait two hours to then be sent to sit in a hallway on a stretcher absolutely zero privacy. Then they have a bunch of students practicing on you when you have serious stuff going on then I was there for eight hours and sent home in the same discomfort, actually I walked out feeling worse. They poisoned me with some iodine stuff for a CAT scan, and I felt extremely sick for 48 hours after the hospital visit. I wouldn't trust these people at all and I would not go here ever again and I wouldn't even recommend someone dying to go here. Then they tried to schedule me a follow up to act like they cared you know to pretend and then said that they don't accept my insurance and can't give me a follow up, so they just don't care about you and you're just gonna go there so a bunch of students can practice on you. No one's going to actually treat you were care about you
dagmar tomerlin: There are staff affiliated with an Indian reservation and they are misogynists and will medically abuse you.
Hanah Rahman: Worst experience
Robert Gagliano: Beat cancer got initial referral from Dr marvin Berman south Coast hospital in Fall River ma, and BWH Dr Julia McNabb-baltar and Dr bleday. Who referred me to Dr Jiping Wang, PhD sarcoma expert / surgeon Dana Farber and BWH Dr greame Steele urologist bwh/ surgery. Kept bladder lost sarcoma. Now getting cancer survalence - terrific team
Arturo Gutierrez: Worst hospital ever, nurse are very rude. .i.
Tom C: Had our scheduled pregnancy phone appointment. I was deeply offended they would offer my wife vaccines during pregnancy and continued to defend them after we declined. I would look to other natural birthing centers if u also want to bring healthy natural babies into the world and not be sold like a car salesman.
Joe Burakoff: The staff is here is excellent.
Abby Mills: If you are trying to make an appt. with Dr. Michael Stanchina, you will encounter the rudest front desk secretaries with no concern for patient health. I have called the office multiple times and have either been met with extremely unprofessional help with non-answers, or on this latest call, the woman kept interrupting me and would not listen. I asked for her name and she hung up on me.

6. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston - Boston

· 84 reviews

300 1st Ave, Charlestown, MA 02129, United States

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Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston: what do users think?
Red Hoskins: The outpatient PT and OT have helped me and taught me so much. I leave every appointment feeling hopeful
Patrick Allen: Spaulding helps and guides patients to achieving personal miracles. A special place. Drs., therapists, nurses, PCAs, nutritionists, all personnel, facilities. It's all there for you. You just have to want it. Oh yes, the food is good also.
Cristin Udall: Amazing OT and ST! This place has quality therapist and my son is now speaking in one word(s). I would trust any of the ST’s and OT’s I’ve seen.
Blind Owl: I tested positive for COVID while here. The therapists were fantastic for what they had to work with. If you get Lori, Mariah, Justine they are the best! The nursing staff is top notch. The food is really good also. They laughed at my dad jokes.
D C: My mother wants here for physical therapy for her legs... She was not happy with their's was wasted of her time going there. She'll done better at home with her rehab
Megan Vasconcellos: This hospital is disgraceful. Left a full leg amputee who has use of only one arm with 10 bags on the street after not setting up any of the treatment they had said they would following discharge. They didn’t call in any prescriptions or meds leaving a recent amputee to suffer phantom pains with no way of relief. They are rude & disrespectful & in no way have fulfilled the role they agreed to take when becoming doctors. I wouldn’t recommend anyone who has mental health issues to go to Spaulding.
Alyssa Barker (MyNameIsAlyssa): This place is an absolute joke. If I could give it zero stars, I would. They’ll literally drop you on the side of the road with no where to go without a care in the world. Zero communication with their patients families and zero care for their patients. NEVER go here if you’re looking for people to care for you. They only care about money and themselves.
Tyson Pup: Cannot visit patients until 2 pm. Many people have jobs and cannot make it at that time. HORRIBLE DECISIONS. I'll make it a point to never recommend this facility
Philomena Cox: Pretty and shiny on the outside but the reality is that it’s a cold uncaring for profit push patients through as quickly as they can.I don’t understand why the facility has a reputation it does. Definitely overrated!Found that the nurses do the minimal and and the patients themselves or family need to advocate for themselves . Felt more like a hotel that had nurses and convenient for the therapies to attend which are minimal.Dr Rovito Who we met only when you first arrived felt it not necessary to ever update us on the patient tests or progress. Was told that it’s “insurance driven “and it doesn’t matter what the reality is of what the patient needs. Sad I believe DrRovito chose the wrong career.The administrations Clare Wueste,LICSW was the most uncaring I believe her title is case worker which I thought was to help the patient have a successful future and Out come with their illness.She must get a bonus for getting people out faster. She’s supposedly in the health field but does not work weekends nor has time to actually spend with any of the clients families to explain anything or help. Oh that’s right by the way none of the therapies are held on weekends.Have to say that there are some very caring professional nurses and doctors that truly are passionate about what they’re doing and working with these patients but you’re mostly left to feel like it’s just a big corporate machine that’s pushing people out and making money with no concern for the real issues of their health.
Daniel Burke: I did my student nursing clinicals here and it was great. The facility and staff were excellent. They gave amazing care and took time to teach me aswell . Thank you Nurses and Aides at Spaulding. It is definitely a place I would consider working at or if I was in a rehab situation would seek out as a care facility.
Ben Rempell: The nurses and doctors at this facility are largely of great quality and very professional. The 1 star is for the administration and management that has created absurd and strict rules around visitation that prevent family from being able to visit patients in need of company and additional support. My 76 year old mother was escorted out of the facility by security guards because she was visiting my father on a weekend while the place is largely empty, hurting nobody and doing nothing beyond wanting to be there for my dad. Their policies and practices are not based on logic or humanity.
Dina D-M: I was unsure at first because my father came in on a weekend, but I got to meet all the therapists, his Doctor and case managerthis week and they are an awesome Team
Zenn M: Dont even try to get an appointment with any Spaulding location in Boston or surrounding areas. They are booked out more than a month in most locations or their schedulers are never available and dont call you back. I spent an hour calling all Spaulding locations in a 10 mile radius. Finally I ended up getting a private practice appointment in a week after ten min.
Jinxy Diamond: I rolled in but i walked out!! Excellent Services from an excellent hospital!!
Max P: Gorgeous facility with modern equipment.
Peter B. Coley: Dr Rovito was a disappointment & lacked prr Re of ssionalism & a good bedside manner. While under his care at Spaulding r hab hospital, I witnessed many violations, including his studying for his board exams are hole treating me AAa patient
Mike Brennan: I'm in the best hands, and I'm progressing well. The food is really good too, more like home cooked less like hospital food.Would recommend absolutely every time.
lorraine lauria: I just got home on April 15,2022. This was second stay there in four years. I can not say enough about the whole place, nurses, doctors, therapists and of course all of the aides especially John and Courage It is immaculate which is hard to find in a rehab. All of my therapists Lori, Trevor, Sarah and Patricia were the most pleasant and knowledgeable therapists that really helped me get out of there as quickly as I did! All and all it was an A+ experience. Thank You all So very much.Lorraine Lauria
That dude 2002: The dish washer was awesome
Edward Paquette: Incredible staff here they got me walking after my stroke in 2018 , Ed paquette Woodstock ct

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